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Photos by Nobuo Onishi

About tomoni Connect WAMEN Project

20190529 ちっちゃな和綿ファーム(発芽の様子①).JPG

Cultivation of “WAMEN”, the Japanese cotton plant, was very common throughout Japan in the olden days of Edo and early Meiji Period. During such times, everyone, both children and adults alike, could easily recall and imagine the way how cotton was grown and made into their clothings.

However, at some stage, it seems that we had no longer taken any notice of the process of how such things were produced. No longer a sense of cherishing...nor love and respect for such products to be appreciated.

Our aim is to create a bond and an opportunity for new encounters in the field of arts, design, business, welfare, and farming scenes through the WAMEN production process from growing the cotton plants to harvesting as well as making into threads and fabrics, bringing back the value of the Japanese cotton “WAMEN” as the most desirable material to suit the climate and the skin of people in Japan.


Exective Office : Nagaragawa Retreat

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