Collaborated Products

Product No.1
WAMEN and clear water (Seiryu) - Organic Style

designed and coordinated by vocational school students and high school students.

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Product No.2
Wheelchair basketball supporting goods

which was made by referencing the opinions of wheelchair basketball players.

Product No.3 Fashionable masks
unique products were hand-embroidered by welfare facility users.

Product No.4

WAMEN MISANGA with Aromatic Ceramic Bead
(Shibukusa Ryuzo Kiln @ Takayama)  
The Collaboration Product

The ceramic bead charm made from natural clay can be infused with a few drops of natural essential oils for one to enjoy its aromatic fragrance all day long.
The efficacy of aromatic essential oils includes relaxation and insect repellant benefits, while the organic Japanese cotton “WAMEN” wristband is gentle to the skin to make it a great wearable item for the body. (Aromatic essential oils extracted from natural ingredients in Gifu Prefecture will be used.)

Product No.5
WAMEN eye pillow

eye pillows containing seeds of Japanese cotton and cotton itself inside.

Product No.7 : WAMEN flower wreath

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Product No.6

favorable feeling Knit-caps for those who have lost their hair by anticancer agents.